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Underwater Treasures | Pulau Redang, Malaysia

This one is going to be an oldie, but our time at Redang Island in 2004 is forever entrenched in my memory as one of the funnest trips I had with my family. And that is coming from a moody teenager. This partly has to do with the fact that it was where I experienced the most amazing snorkeling of my life thus far (all future snorkeling destinations please step your game up).

The awesome thing about Malaysia is that there are several islands off the coast of the peninsula country that people in the big city of Kuala Lumpur can jet off to on the weekends. That is exactly what we did while visiting my dad in KL that summer. We stayed at the Laguna Redang Island Resort, which was located on a beautiful ocean front property set against a lush tropical background.

Laguna Redang island Resort
Laguna Redang Island Resort
traditional Malaysian inspired architecture
traditional Malaysian inspired architecture
turquoise waters tickling the beach
turquoise waters tickling the beach

A short wade into the beach, we found a small group of baby sharks (harmless)  swimming near the shore.

waters infested by adorable baby sharks
beware of waters infested by adorable baby sharks
having experienced a monkey swing into our room at Langkawi (another island), we heeded this warning
remind me to tell you the story of a monkey swinging into our room at Langkawi (another Malaysian island), and tickling Tiffany’s foot while she slept

The resort also arranged several snorkel trips throughout the day, and I went out on at least two every day we were there. One of the best ones was to the nearby marine park, which hosted a variety of fish and sea life. Snorkeling in this area was like jumping into a real life tank modeled after Pixar’s Finding Nemo (which came out around that time so it was extra exciting). I’m pretty sure I swam with the entire cast of the movie, aside from Bruce the Shark.

all the underwater pictures were taken by the snorkel guides
all the underwater pictures were taken by the snorkel guides
bad quality pic, but had to include because baby tiffany was so cute
baby tiffany snorkeling
the parentals having a good time

At one point, I swam close to a large cloud of small silver fish. Amazingly, they were able float to and fro together as one unit. I poked my hand into the cloud, and it was so amazing to see the tiny fish outlining the shape of my hand, but never touching my skin.

cloud of fish
cloud of fish

I also spotted the biggest fish I’ve ever seen lurking at the ocean bottom. I’m just going to say it was about 500 pounds, which may or may not be accurate, but you get an idea of what kind of monstrosity it was. This area also housed the most amazing collection of coral, and if you examine them closely, sometimes you can find a clown fish poking out shyly through the waving orange tentacles of a sea anemone.

where's my dad?
where’s my dad?


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